Frequently asked questions

Can MYDB update our current literature?
Design Assist™ will clean up your images to look professional
standard. Fees apply for text re-wording and editing.
Does MYDB also create web sites?
No. We specialise in digital paper technology, however we
recommend the Visual Communications Division at
I have a web site, how can MYDB increase my sales?
MYDB defers a proportion of readers to view content
offline; this decreases web site traffic enabling more potential sales.
Do you host digital magazines?
We have a high-speed secure web section that customers
who require high-volume downloads can access.
We recommend you host a Digital Book on the same domain
name as your web site.
What if I need literature to be changed?
MYDB makes even the smallest change possible within
24 hours.
Do you provide a CD-ROM duplication service?
Yes. We provide a business card CD-ROM that has
full-colour printing inside a plastic or soft cover.
How will my customers know MYDB is a secure system?
First, all the documents used in MYDB are digitally signed.
Second, the MYDB logo is identical to the icon that appears on
the desktop after downloading. Web sites that collect user information
should have an SSL certificate installed for their domain name.
The digital signature is stored inside the file and allows the viewer
to see who has created the book.
Who currently uses MYDB?
Symantec, Toshiba, Volkswagen, Sydney Airport and Shanghai
Government use Digital Books to promote foreign investment
with their campaigns.
Can MYDB supply multi-lingual versions of our literature?
It’s easier if you already have the text in another language,
but MYDB can arrange for your literature to be translated
through the International Services division of SKIZCorp, who
specialises in translating/localising literature.
How is MYDB more effective than a web site?
Navigating MYDB is simple because of its traditional
back-to-back book style. Information can be read without having
to wait for pages and images to load. If you already have
a web site you can link pages from within MYDB to
it, and because the search engine referral is anonymous
your search indexing will increase.
When would My Digital Book be most highly recommended?
MYDB is a must for product manufacturers in countries that
have an unstable web infrastructure because your product is
viewed offline.
We already have a good web site; can MYDB still
benefit our business?

Yes it can – by improving your search engine rankings.
MYDB complements web sites by providing the ability to view the information offline.
My Digital Book even offers printing on demand.
By putting MYDB on a CD, your clients can view information
directly without online latency.
Can I zoom in on areas of the digital page?
If you wish to zoom into an aspect of MYDB then we
recommend that you visit and download the zoom
tool. MYDB uses essential functions to keep file size to minimum.
Is MYDB better than a PDF file, or a Microsoft
PowerPoint presentation?

The purpose of MYDB is to develop a book that is as close as
possible to a paper back-to-back book, yet provide essential
functionality that is superior to both PDF and
PowerPoint files. My Digital Book is simple to use, doesn’t need
plug-ins and is small in file size. Because it’s all
built into a single executable file it’s easy to turn or
flick through pages.