My digital book features

Professional content design and publishing
Full magazine indexing, colour scheme design, colour coding,
up to 15 links per page (additional charge may be required
depending on links required).
Where available, OCR scanning from original media content
(hard or soft copy that needs to be typed) is free of charge.
If the original content requires an unsupported font we will do
our best to create a font with our feather technology system.

Dynamic library
MYDB stores its pages into a dynamic library, so information
can be reused with simplicity and at next to no cost.
MYDB provides content owners with an excellent interactive
marketing product. We provide a business card CD-ROM that
has full-colour printing inside a plastic or silk soft cover.

MYDB is produced in the fraction of the time it takes to
print magazines, reducing publication and distribution costs
as well as gaining instant circulation statistics.

Reduce web traffic
MYDB reduces web site traffic by enabling your clients to
view your information offline. It also allows book pages
to be linked directly to the item on the web site so viewers can
order products from both places.

Quizzes, tests and surveys are an excellent feature of MYDB.
Students/clients can respond to tests, quizzes and surveys through
MYDB and results can be known instantly, or the information
can be sent to a central database.